Black Boxcars

by Venetic ®



This 8th album is Venetic's first vinyl release, cut by Palomino Records in Kentucky, and showcases a set of well-crafted songs with settings stretching from Wellington, New Zealand, to Lyons, France.


released March 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Venetic ® New Zealand

Since 2002, Venetic has independently released 8 albums with more on the way. Healed by the flames of purgatory, he is now back from the undead.

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Track Name: In Control
Six o’clock in the morning and I’m out walking
Going downtown; there’s nothing better to do
The sun is rising above the hills
Mount Vic’s streets are still empty and cold
It’s a grey Sunday; it’s a cold day

Going down the hillside from Mount Vic
I turn away from Oriental Bay
In Courtenay Place the streets are being swept
The odd shaky drunk still staggers away
They’ve been out drinking all night long

And it’s written right there on their faces
They’ve survived the night and through to the day
It’s a new day; it’s the next day

You appear on the cusp of the morning
You come out of a side doorway
In a dark and dingy alleyway
Your hair is flaming red and your eyes are ablaze
Your hips sway in a self-assured swagger
They’ve been busy all night
Swaying, shaking, and moving around

You’ve been up all night through to the dawn
You know exactly what you’re doing
And you don’t mind, coz you’re in control
You’re in control, you’re in control

No one else but you is in control
No one else but you is in control
I watch you with your self-assured stroll

You own that alley
Like you own your life
Like you own your body
Like you own your soul
It doesn’t matter what they think of you
It doesn’t matter what they say
None of it’ll ever get through to you
Because you’re in control
Track Name: Allesveloren
Funny how it feels when all feeling is gone
A sense of uncertainty is all that’s strong
I don’t know why you’re acting this way
We’ve lost our direction, everything’s gone astray

It’s all gone wrong, there’s no more options to choose
We’ve hit a wall; what do you expect me to do?

I’m not your flunky, your little house boy
I’m not your doormat, and I’m sure not your toy
Spare me your preaching, your self-righteous cant
This ain’t no film by Gus Van Sant

You’re not Madonna or even Germaine Greer
I’m not your straw man, and no I’m not queer

You just keep harping on
You should leave it alone
You go on and on
You just won’t leave it alone
If I’ve said it before
I’ve said it a thousand times
You just don’t realise that you’ve crossed that line
Track Name: Black Boxcars
Why does it feel so empty when I go to bed at night?
Why can’t I mention how things are in my life?
It’s not nice being written out; being sent to Coventry
Left feeling hollow, devoid of your pleasantries
Yeah I get the message; life ain’t no cup of tea
It was your way or the highway, but where does that leave me?

Life’s a crooked thoroughfare, full of twists and turns
The dust is oppressive and the sun’s heat burns
I’m no longer on your schedule, so I can take my time
And I’ll have a lot to ponder as I walk the median line

Yeah I got the message; I’ve been written out
Those ever-lengthening silences don’t leave much room for doubt

What’s the use of boxcars if all the dice are black?
I’m in Hell’s casino and all the odds are stacked
First I lost my pride, then I lost my soul
Then I lost my way; now I’m out in the cold

Yeah I get the message
I’m reading it loud and clear
Staring at that closed drawbridge
Leaving me stuck out here

Why am I so lonely when I used to feel alright?
Why am I stuck on this and wasting so much time?
I’m all burnt out; I’ve been to Hell and back
I’ve felt the tightening screws; the stretching of the rack

And all I hear is that record – what was that all about?
That sanctimonious German; that jumped-up little kraut
Ein Mann mit allen Antworten
Aber leider mit ohne Ahnung
Musikalische Sturm und Drang
Nacht mir die Sintflut – nah jah!

I can’t say I’m happy with how the cards played
How things panned out; it doesn’t make my day
It doesn’t make me joyous, that settling for second best
And watching my life turn into a total wreck
Track Name: Adieu Part-Dieu
The paving stones are shiny and slick
As I climb on the bus
It’s midnight and raining
It washes regrets away
Over things that might have been
And never will be
Yet my shadow still remains
Haunting alleys and boulevards
Like a ghost all forlorn
Stalking my yesterdays
Chasing my past
The remnants of my dreams:
They’re lost in a distant place
Trapped in time
A vestige of my shattered hope

The city is a layered cake
Rotting at the base
Collapsing in on itself

Its people hide behind façades
Double-glazed and shuttered:
Their hearts are just like their homes
Children sleep on their streets
On cardboard cartons
With a blanket for the cold
Don’t mention inequality;
The burghers will curl their lips
Coz they’re better than you or me

It’s a city with a heart of stone
Where strangers are left all alone
Out in the streets by themselves
Bereft of all hope and help

I somehow hoped for more
This isn’t what I crossed half a world for

Ne croyez pas que j’ai des partis pris
Je suis sans rancune
Mais je n’oublie pas non plus
Dans le pays de l’égalité
J’ai vu pas mal de haine
Mais je ne suis ni dupe ni soumis
Je ne serai pas votre bouc-émissaire
Et je ne vais pas me taire
Face à toutes vos hypocrisies:
J’en ai assez vu pour le reste de ma vie

Je n’ai pas de partis pris
Mais je me souviens de votre mépris
Ne me croyez pas rancunier
Mais je ne vais pas l’oublier jamais
Le Rhône est un grand fleuve tranquille
Tout à fait comme vos paisibles vies
Si parfaites qu’elles m’ont étourdi
Elles sont le reflet de votre ville
Track Name: Back In The Day
Those were the days when they did what they wanted
And they helped themselves as they pleased
Bosses against workers; they played a cruel game
They wanted you to jump when they sneezed
It was class war, it was mean, it was a free-for-all
They didn’t give a damn about us
So why should we care at all?
Those were the days of my dad

I remember all his mates
The men who he spoke for
Frank the cabbie and Big Splash
Little Lucifer the pyromaniac
Oyster George, who worked on the boats
And knew how to make some cash
Mum wouldn’t let them drink in the house;
They were rowdy men
Back in the days of my dad

Those were the days when men used to smoke
And stay out drinking into the night
Going around from pub to pub
Getting into the occasional fight
Contraband down at Lyttelton docks
Cuban cigars in a box
They would trade whatever they got
If it fell off the back of a wharf
Those were the days of my dad
Those were the days of my dad

Then came the eighties and everything changed
So much for class war
Who are your friends and enemies?
And what are you fighting for?
Sold out by the Labour Party
The working men’s world collapsed
They ended up redundant
Wondering how they’d been had
Those were the days of my dad
Those were the days of my dad

But he gave me a yardstick
For seeing people for what they’re worth
For seeing through all the bullshit
And all the lies on this Earth
For seeing nothing is sacred
Except your word and your bond
The friends you stand behind
In a world that’s mean and unkind
So never trust politicians
And bosses who don’t keep their word
All they care about is money
And leading the pack or the herd
Rules are meant to be broken
If all they’re for is keeping you down
And don’t take crap from anyone
That’s what I learnt from my dad
Track Name: Your Fall
It’s already messed up your mind
And I know it’s ruined your heart
Yeah sure, it builds you up
But then it goes and tears you apart
And once you’ve gone to town
It leaves you a mess on the ground

It leaves you there shaking and crying
So bad you can barely stand
You may think you’re up there flying
But you don’t know how to land
The truth is you’re slowly dying
You’re a poor shell of a man

It’s got its own relentless logic
It’s driven you half insane
It’s both sad and it’s tragic
How it metes out so much pain
Once you might have had a life
Now it’s washing you down the drain

You know you’ll have to watch your back
Or your background’ll creep up on you
I’m not here for your pity party
But I’ll cheer on your wrecking crew
Don’t expect my sympathy;
Not after all that crap you’ve brewed

You can call it fate or call it karma
It’s all the same to me
Regardless of your fuss and your drama
You’re living in a hollow dream
Go ahead and play space cadet
But out in space no one can hear you scream

Don’t imagine you can clown about
Don’t think you can play the fool
You’re not gonna drive me out
I’m in this for the long haul
And you’re riding for a bloody great fall
Track Name: Come Out Michelle
When all the walls are closing in
And your life has no direction; nothing’s happening
Your mind’s a labyrinth of twisting thoughts
Your nerves are shot and you’re all out of sorts

Please don’t ever think you’re all alone
I’m thinking of you and I’m not the only one
Even though it’s true I’m far away

The human brain weaves such a complex web
A few warped strands and soon you’re out of your head
Your reflex becomes a state of permanent fright
And you end up thinking that’s it for the rest of your life

You know you’ve got to come out of your shell Michelle
You alone can crawl away from your self-made Hell
And I know it’s easier said than done
But you’ve gotta start living and have some fun

I know what’s passing through your mind
An inner pain that wracks you and leaves you blind
It strips you of your faculties for handling life
Leaving you with turmoil, trouble, and strife

You need to come out of your shell Michelle
You alone can do it; no not anyone else
You’ve got to come out of your shell Michelle
Come on Michelle, come on Michelle
Come on Michelle, come on Michelle
Come on Michelle, come on Michelle
Come out of your shell, come on Michelle
Come out of your shell, come on Michelle
Come out of your shell, come on Michelle
Come out of your shell, come on Michelle
Come out of your shell, come on Michelle
Come out of your shell, come on Michelle
Come out of your shell, come on Michelle
Come out of your shell, Michelle Michelle etc.
Track Name: The Man And His Toys
You don’t want to go too close to that window
It’s better if you don’t stop and stare
There are strange things sitting in that window
There’s some very strange things standing there
They all come in different shapes and sizes
Different colours and textures too
It’s not just the variety that surprises
But the strange things they’re designed to do

Mothers hurry their kids past that window
They don’t want them spotting what’s in there
All the neighbours gossip about what’s in that window
But knocking on that door’s something they won’t do
For an angry man lives behind that window
With all those toys there on display
You don’t want to mix with that man behind the window
Whether or not he’s straight or gay

Coz he’ll come running and screaming after you
And there ain’t no telling what he’s gonna do
But he’ll probably want to beat you black and blue
Black and blue, black and blue (etc.)
Track Name: A Matter Of Time
Well here I am in front of you
Naked and raw; don’t know what to do
All my weaknesses laid out to view
I’m at your mercy; you call the tune

You may not think so, but we’re the same
Both our lives have been so strange
Tossed about like corks at sea
Don’t look so surprised at me

Love’s more than our number of years
Don’t give in to conventional fears
I have my weaknesses and my doubts
But I’m gonna stick this one out

I watch as the others come and go
Your life’s a circus; a three-ring show
It’s been crazy and I see your pain
I’ll give you sunshine rather than rain

I’m far from perfect, yes that’s true
But I know I’d be good for you
So that’s why I’m making my move
And declaring my love to you

I know I’m not your ideal man
You never pictured me in your master plan
But if you open those eyes so blue
You’ll see a man in love with you

And I know it’s just a matter of time
I know it’s just a matter of time
I know it’s just a matter of time
I know it’s just a matter of time
I know it’s just a matter of time
Yes, it’s just a matter of time
It’s just a matter of time (etc.)
Track Name: Painy Day Woman
I’ve tried so hard, I’ve tried to be nice
I’ve done my best all of my life
I tried to do what was expected of me
I bit my tongue as you stepped on me

You’re all take and no give
You won’t even let me live
My life in bliss or happiness
With you I’ve got no peace or rest

Your arrogance exasperates
You won’t even give me a break
Your open trap flappity-flaps
When will you get off my back?

It’s a wonderful life you’ve granted yourself
You’re an absolute picture of health
You waltz around and put on airs
You’ve got no worries and no cares
I wonder if it dawns on you
All the crap you’ve put me through
But you’re up there and I’m down here
You’re so high up you need a tank for air

Maybe silence wasn’t enough
Well then I’ll just call your bluff
I don’t have to be nice or polite
I’ll give you the fright of your life

Wasn’t that easy, wasn’t that great?
I trampled on you; you felt my hate
Now I’m you’re monster, your worst nightmare
I’m coming for you and you’d better be scared
Track Name: Welcome To The Future
So what happened to my jet pack?
No anti-grav belt – what a setback
Bases on the Moon – no we ain’t got them
Global peace – wasn’t that the plan?
The future’s not what it was cracked up to be
It’s a B-grade sci-fi tragedy

Still they’re stating
At least they’re claiming
Or so they’re saying
More they’re praying
It’s gonna be alright
It’s gonna be alright

Temperature’s rising – there’s no place to go
Soon we’ll be hiding under geodesic domes
We won’t need shades, we’ll need a big lead hat
To keep the radiation off our backs
The future’s not so bright – we’re losing time
Things went wrong somewhere down the line


We won the Cold War; so we’ve been told
Yet all our freedoms have now been sold
No Soviet informants or KGB
Instead we’ve got surveillance and CCTV
It makes you wonder what democracy means
Now Soviet citizens are starting to look free


Yeah it’s gonna be all-
Yeah it’s gonna be all-
Yeah it’s gonna be all-
Be alright be alright
Be alright be alright