Deadman Road

by Venetic ®

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Venetic takes us up a road where unexpected things happen...


released December 1, 2007

(c) Wayne Stuart McCallum



all rights reserved


Venetic ® New Zealand

Since 2002, Venetic has independently released 8 albums with more on the way. Healed by the flames of purgatory, he is now back from the undead.

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Track Name: Nothing To Hide
All the carping critics are completely ineffectual
And there’s a gatekeeper on every gate
Nothing really counts unless it makes a buck or two
Better sell it now before it’s too late

Where blandness is a passport and money opens doors
Ever get the feeling that you’re bound to lose?
You can tilt at windmills or bow to the inevitable
There’s not much choice, in fact there’s nothing to choose

So this is what it’s like in the 21st century?
Where status is proportional to money and power
They kick you in the balls and then they want gratitude
Like you should be happy that they noticed you at all

What’s your panacea, what’s your platitude?
Have you got a brain - do you ever think at all?
Why do you swallow the crap that they’re feeding you?
Follow like a zombie as they ruin your world?

They’ve abolished your freedoms and if you think otherwise
Well my friend, you’re living in a dream
You’re going around in ever-shrinking circles
Wondering why it is things have no meaning

They’re slave drivers - they’ll work you hard
They’ll work you right until you drop
Slog your way until your retirement
Then they’ll go and harvest another crop

Surveillance on the streets, spying on the Net
You wonder what it is they’re hoping to find
All your little details; every last scrap of them
If you were honest, you’d have nothing to hide
Track Name: Deadman Road
If you’re out driving some night with your girl
Burning up gravel and shooting the curves
Watching the world from behind your windscreen
Feeling free as you drive your machine
If you feel great and wanna stay that way
Listen up to what I’ve got to say

There’s a road out the back of beyond
Past the burnt stump and even further on
Then you turn left at the cemetery
Wave at the graves if you feel the need
Half a mile beyond the mental home
You’ll find the turn-off for where you’re goin’

The sign’s unobtrusive - you’ll miss it if you blink
Many’s the driver who never stops to think
Half concealed there behind a tree
You couldn’t say it was easy to read
There’s no doubt though; there it stands
The very last road sign you’ll ever see!

Deadman, Deadman etc.
Yeah I’m talking ‘bout Deadman Road!

Some never come back - others’ hair turns white
Some get religion and others take flight
A good many end up in that mental home
Or in that graveyard further back up the road
There’s something spooky, something not quite right
Something that lurks there in the dead of night!

Deadman, Deadman etc.
Yeah I’m talking ‘bout Deadman Road!
Track Name: Twist And Alignment
Your house always looks a mess
Whenever I look around it
A Salmonella breeding ground
And dog crap on the carpet
You always were the messy one
Dumped your stuff on the floor
Left your clothes wherever they lay
I could never open your door

It’s just the way you are
A twist of fate and the alignment of the stars
It’s just the way you are
Don’t bother changing - you won’t get too far

You go from one McJob to the next
But they never last
When they talk about work and commitment
You’ve got to bail out fast
Failed aspirations litter your life
You float along in a dream
Your only talent is trouble and strife
Making plans has no meaning

It’s just the way you are
A twist of fate and the alignment of the stars
It’s just the way you are
Don’t bother changing - you won’t get too far

You used to love giving orders
Even when there was no one around
You’d boss around your dolls and your teddy
Or even some stray hound
Now you’ve got kids but they don’t listen
They always put you down
They stay out late and put you through hell
It’s funny how the wheel turns around

It’s just the way they are
A twist of fate and the alignment of the stars
It’s just the way they are
Don’t try and change them - you won’t get too far
Track Name: Wonder Drug
Fame is a wonder drug
People know your name
Everything is wonderful
Life is all a game
You float around on a cloud
In a state of grace
They’re not like you or I
They might as well be from outer space
And down here at the bottom of the heap
We’ve got to know our place
Bow to our masters
And wave our begging plates

They might give you funding
If you’re nice to their face
If you scrub up squeaky clean
And shine in the marketplace
It’ll take some work though
Coz you’ve got to earn your place
Work out your demographic
And disengage your brain
They don’t want any smarty pants
Or anyone who’s a god-damned pain
Just some pretty faces
And stuff that radio’ll play

I wish you every luck pal
As you play their game
And scramble up their ladder
In your quest for fame
Me - I’ll stay down here
In the land of the sane
For me there’s no posterity
There’s no hall of fame
No slobbering, fawning critics
No big fucking rock star behaviour
I’ll just do my songs
Then I’ll be on my way
I’ll be on my way etc.
To some other plane
Track Name: His Regrets
He thinks in the past tense so the present won’t count
He makes all the rules, he’s the man of the house
His home is a showcase to show off the wife
She’s a permanent fixture, she won’t go outside
Her skin’s too pale; she would melt in the sun
He imagines she’s frigid coz in bed she’s no fun
So he wanders through tussock with his dogs and his gun
Looking for something to shoot in the fog

Funny how he’s got his life all arranged
Everything in order - nothing’s strange
Every little detail has its place
Nothing’s left to chance, nothing’s left to fate

There’s a fur-lined bidet in every bathroom
A full-length pool and a sauna too
A pool room, bar and widescreen TV
There’s even a library where he never reads
A tennis court and a basketball hoop
A tree-lined drive that provides all their fruit
A fully-fitted kitchen that the wife can’t use
And a satellite dish for the latest world news

But something in his life just don’t feel right
He feels like a blind man crossing a motorway
Dodging left and right and back and forth and running for his life (x 2)

When he needs kicks he goes out on the town
He doesn’t so much drink as funnel it down
He drinks to forget, he drinks to kill dreams
To drown his regrets that his life
has no meaning
Track Name: My First Band
Al was the drummer, he always hit the beat
He could play it with one hand
He only liked ska and reggae
Nothing else fit his plan
Dan was blond, all fit and tan
On lead guitar he was the man
Tall and handsome, long and lean
He played like a crazy machine
Tom was on bass, but his mind was elsewhere
I used to wonder where it was at
But all it took was half a listen
For him to get it all down pat

Then there was me, leading the circus
Wondering which way to go
Surrogate mother and lion tamer
Trying to mastermind the show

Back in the days when we were free
We used to tell tales of what we wanted to be
Twenty years on, things aren’t quite so grand
There’s a few bits missing from the master plan

Tom found Krishna and gave up drums
Now he wears gowns and chants
Dan froze me out and sold his guitar
Now he’s an advertising man
Al just walked out and never came back
Never to be seen again
That just left me and one guitar:
Not much of a master plan

Once it all turned to custard
Things weren’t quite so grand
It’s a bit hard to get out and hustle
When you don’t even have a band
Track Name: Mirror City
As they fight the blaze
Smoke pours from windows through a shimmery haze
An old man staggers dazed
Others pick up bricks and clear the way
Behind cracked façades
People hide in shelter from chaotic streets
You throw a victory sign
And scream in triumph as you flee the scene

And the churches are empty
The parliament’s obscene
A piece of pretence flirting
Like a prostitute that preens

Cold harsh gazes
Meet you from the shelter of the corridor
Scattered caskets
Topple as a forklift clears the floor
Shuffle as they walk along the riverside
The streets are deserted
It feels like there’s nowhere left to hide

The railway station is empty
There are no more trains
The welcome party is over
The relationship’s estranged
The king’s frozen in his castle
He doesn’t know what to do
With a rat and toad to advise him
His tip top times are through
Track Name: I'm Gonna Go Country
Now I’m forty I’m gonna go country
Gotta change if I want to survive
Now I’m forty I’m gonna go country
Coz you can’t be a rocker when you’re over thirty-five
Now I’m forty I’m gonna go country
I know it’s gonna be so good for my soul
Now I’m forty I’m gonna go country
I’m getting too old for rock and roll

You can’t cling to the old ways
When old age is setting in
There’s no way you can boogie
When your arse is in a sling

My friends used to like punk music
Had green hair and a snotty attitude
Smash the State and screw the system
Now they’ve found a new rectitude
They’ve got string ties and cowboy boots
Amish threads and long black suits
They drive around in pick-ups or utes
They drink whiskey and know how to shoot

You know you can’t cling to the old ways
When old age is setting in
There’s no way you can boogie
When your arse is in a sling
So I’m buying a Stetson
I’m gonna wear it with pride
And I’ll sing Hank Williams’ praises
Till the day I die
Track Name: Till My Time Comes
It’s been a while since you were here
Yet there’s signs of you all around me
Although you’re gone I feel you near
Pictures on the wall to remind me
I know you told me not to feel down
And I recall you used to scold me
About morbid fears built on shaky ground
And always looking over my shoulder

Yes I recall our yesterdays
The memories just won’t fade away
It was the best part of my life
Now that’s for sure
But don’t you worry, life goes on
You always told me to be strong
And don’t go letting trouble knock upon my door

You worried about me all of the time
Always succumbing to little pressures
Money worries and everything else
It all used to drive you crazy
You wondered how I’d make my way
I always seemed so absent-minded
No common sense or so you said
Not that you ever looked to find it

I miss you more now every day
Your memory just won’t go away
I feel a gap now in my life down deep inside
But don’t you worry, life goes on
You always told me to be strong
And I’ll keep right on battling on
Till my time comes
Track Name: She Brings Me Dead Things
When she brings me dead things
It’s her way of showing she loves me
She gazes out so proudly
As if to say “Look what I’ve got!”

And sometimes the things she brings
Are still alive
They wriggle and they writhe
They don’t want to die
They’re dropped at my feet
And in the blink of an eye
They’re off like a flash
Trying to hide (x 4)

When she brings me dead things
She’s showing that she loves me
They’re sacrificed on the altar
The altar of her love
And when I’m dead and gone
I’ll be up there way on high
She’ll be waiting there for me
To bring me dead things in the afterlife
Track Name: Horse Man Theme
He’s got sharp clothes, he’s got good looks
He’s got the world at his fingertips
He knows the answer, he knows the score
He knows all the ins and outs for sure
He’s a fount of knowledge, he’s all class
Heed his advice if you want to learn fast
He’s a teacher; a real savant
Ain’t it time you listened, you little pissant?

Horse Man! Horse Man! etc.
Track Name: Your Words
Your words are aimed at my heart
They shoot it right through
Why do I let you tear me apart
And suffer your abuse?
You shout and you fuss about
The tiniest of things
An open toothpaste cap
Isn’t a sin

One day you’ll wake up
You’ll see it’s an act!
A storm in a teacup!
A trivial fact!

Shout all you want
Fluster around
Find some pretext
Then go to town
Your life’s a circus
A penny arcade
You’re like an automaton
Waiting to be played

And one misstep is all the coin you need
To go off with a vengeance
Like some crazy machine!

My hope’s fading
I can’t go on
There’s no way it can last
I feel forlorn

But once we’ve parted
It won’t be for long!
We’ll get back together
And the fight can go on!
On and on, on and on, on and on…..