Dealing With Aggression

by Venetic ®



What do you do when the State red zones your home in a national disaster and makes you homeless? Why, you make an album about it of course... Venetic is back from the dead, and out of Wanganui's mean dirt and slime comes his 9th album, now available on-line.


released April 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Venetic ® New Zealand

Since 2002, Venetic has independently released 8 albums with more on the way. Healed by the flames of purgatory, he is now back from the undead.

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Track Name: Imaginary Postcard
The stewardess does the rounds
Her trolley’s full of deals
Sitting up here at ten thousand feet
The atmosphere’s surreal
Scribbling on this menu card
These words are hard to write
Life’s slipping and sliding by
You’re falling out of sight

It’s the postcard I’ll never send
That says just how I feel
No, it’s not written out of spite
It’s the real deal
They’re the words you don’t want to hear
Now that you’ve moved on
You’ve got a new life
Like some B-grade movie reel

I’m offered drinks on her second round
The stewardess wants to know
What sort of liquid refreshment
I’d like before she goes
It’s a snap decision; I pause but it’s alright
I’ll grab a gin and tonic before I turn to write
The rest of this message
Outlining my plight
The twisted strands of my life
My emptiness, my inner blight

These are the words I’ll never send
They say just what I feel
Don’t tell me that it’s not right
I’ve heard your reality spiel
It’s the postcard you’ll never read
Now you’ve got a new life
I’m yesterday’s flavour
And you’ve embarked on married life

So it’s back to Paris
And back to who I am
I’m trying to piece my life together
I’m doing the best I can
However flawed that makes me
However lost my soul
I’ll just grin and bear it
I won’t be bought and sold

As I wander Montparnasse
And walk along the Seine
I’ll think of life’s recompense
For not being quite the same
It’s not that I didn’t suffer
Or feel any shame
It’s just that dull obeisance
Was the greatest pain
This is the postcard I’ll never send
It says just how I feel
But I’ll never end it
Because that would be too real
Track Name: Magnificent Vince
All the French fans stand in line
Their brylcreamed hair-dos looking so fine
He strikes a pose in his open-neck collar
He’s the consummate rock’n’roller
Dressed in leather from head to foot
Waving a mike stand in his hand
Then he howls and falls to the floor
The crowd is screaming, shouting for more

Doing the Twist at Maxim’s Café
Holding court with Johnny, Gene and blind Ray
Posing for photos in Le Marais
A TV performance waving a chain
He was in the media’s eye
It looked like he was there to stay
How did public favour turn to disdain?
Why did it all start going astray?

So much talent and so much soul
Too much energy to ever grow old
Trends came and went but you stood firm
Waiting for the tide of fashion to turn
Talentless critics sneered and jeered
Claiming you’d lost it with the passing years
Then came punk and New Wave
Just as your light was starting to fade

Sepia-toned and dressed in black
In those Scopitone clips, and Brand New Cadillac
Forget all the critics, ignore the hacks
The likes of him ain’t coming back
They ain’t coming back
He ain’t coming back
Track Name: Rue de la Fontaine du Roi
Your fate’s beckoning, it’s calling you
It bends you to its will
They’ve got you where they want you
They’re closing in for the kill

Time’s fast approaching
When you’ll have to leave
The days are flying
There’s no chance to grieve
No chance...
No chance...

You know you really don’t want to go
They’ll only put your misery on show
A public spectacle for all to see
They’ll smirk and snigger while you bleed

And so it goes
You’ll be
Their freak show
You’ll be their entertainment
They’ll cackle and crow
Be quick to pass judgement
That’s just the way it goes

So I’m walking...
Walking through Paris
Like a zombie in a daze
I feel the sun shining
But I’m trapped in their maze
Track Name: Storm
Night descends on the house
Abandoned in the storm
The wind blows and howls
The fence comes crashing down
Relentlessly, rain falls from the sky
From a great height
The hillside comes tumbling down

It looks like a bomb site
The place is falling down
And no one does a damn thing
No one does a thing...

It’s just fodder for the national news
And while all Hell breaks loose
Nobody’s lifting a finger
They’re gossiping, pointing and rubbernecking
But they don’t do a thing
No one really cares
They just don’t care
They don’t care
Track Name: Attack Of The Wanganui Meanies
It’s disaster time
We’re in control
Now we’re the ones who make the rules (We are!)
It’s all for public safety (Yup!)
There isn’t any choice (Nope!)
We’re gonna come and frog-march you out of your home
(Hup two three four! Hup two three four!)
Then we’ll sticker your house
Red zone your land
And post a guard on your gate to keep you out
(But he knocks off at five coz he needs a beer!)

Ah-ha ha ha ha!
Ah-ha ha ha ha!
Ah-ha ha ha ha!
Ah-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha-ah!
(What are ya gonna do now?)

Then once you’re homeless
And wandering the streets
That’s when the fun really starts! (Hell yeah!)
We’ll cripple you with bills
Pester you with threats
Leave you sick in the gut and feeling ill! (He he he he he!)
Coz you’re nobody now!
Just a has-been!
A piece of trash to toss in the bin!
(I’ll bet that came as a surprise!)

Ya-ha ha ha ha!
Ya-ha ha ha ha!
Ya-ha ha ha ha!
Ya-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha-ah!

Throw a carrot to the homeless!
You do know you’re not supposed to be living in that house? Don’t cha? Don’t cha?
Fuck ‘em! It’s my river market that matters!
Don’t cha?
No, you’re not are ya?
What are ya doin’ in yer house?
We’re watching you...
Sneaking around, sneaking around...
Fuck ‘em all!
Sneaking around! We’re watching you... We are!
Two hundred thousand dollar fine - that’s what you’ll get!
But what about the river market? That’s more important!
Two hundred thousand - that’s what you’ll get!
Oh yes it is!
A big fuckin’ fine - that’s what you’ll get!
Fuck the homeless people!
Fuck ‘em! Fuck ‘em all!
You never belonged here! Who cares?
Fuck the homeless people!
They’re all shits - they don’t have any homes!
Who cares about you? You’re a nobody!
Fuck ‘em! Fuck ‘em!
You’re a fuckin’ nobody!
Fuck ‘em! Fuck ‘em! Fuck ‘em all!
What did you come here for?
Fuck em! Fuck the homeless!
You don’t belong
In our special little town!
Ya hah hah hah!
Our special little fuckin’ town!
Our special town!
Track Name: Hey Princess
It’s the sort of thing that makes a man a recluse
Officious bullying and abuse
All their threats have left me in a state of siege
Now it's too late for any retreat

Hey Princess, why couldn't you help me out?
Was it all a little bit too hard?

Hoping for the best just ain't gonna do
Sitting on your hands wasn't the best move
Your inaction left me blue
Groping in the dark without a clue

Hey Princess, why didn't you help me out?
Were words and pictures just a bit too hard?
It didn't stop you from engaging your big mouth
And spreading my business all over town

Now the snoopers are fossicking around
Looking for evidence in the ground
Anything'll do; they want to finger me
Stick their knives in and watch me bleed

Hey Princess, you could have helped me out
Was pushing a button or two just a bit too hard?
All that power you felt leaving me there in the dark
Locked out, shut down and cloaked in doubt

Lying on my couch wondering what to do
My life's tilt-a-whirl; my mind's confused
Wouldn't it be nice to sort it all out?
And rid myself of these bloody Boy Scouts...

Hey Princess, what was I gonna do?
Say nothing while your inaction left me screwed?
Yeah I admit I've got a real short fuse
But between you and my house,
Which do you think I'll choose?
Track Name: The Girl In The Window
Across the way there's a girl in the window
And she's pointing at me
She's got a drawing of a man and that man is sad and scowling
It's a portrait of me

Well what can I say
I've got a lot on my mind
I'm not feeling so good
My life is a mess
I'm feeling out of sorts
These aren't the best of times

I can see she's got good intentions
She just wants me to smile
But it'll take a lot more than her attentions
My state is pretty dire

Because my dear, life ain't been so kind to me
I've got more than my fair share of worries
I'm in a real squeeze

Now I see she's staring and waving
Right across at me
She's over there, waiting for my response
Wondering what it'll be
But all I can do is stare blankly
And then I start to grieve

There's not a lot to say
I've got too much on my mind
And so little time
What does she want me to say?
Want me to do?
She's put me in a bind

Because my dear, life ain't been so good to me
I've got too many worries to be happy
To be happy...
Track Name: Walking In Wanganui
I'm walking down the street getting from A to B
It ain't no meet and greet; I don't want a scene
I've got my train of thoughts, I'm contemplating my dreams
And then some yahoo drives past and starts his screaming

Walking the streets of Wanganui
Watch your back and what you're doing
They'll run you down and put the boot in
That's their scene
Walking the streets of Wanganui
Drive-by abuse is an institution
Sooner or later they'll get you too mate
Wait and see

They'll call you a homo, a poof and a queer
A stalker and a creep and they'll throw cans of beer
They'll toss coffee cups while they hurl their abuse
There's something not quite right; like they've got a screw loose


Is it in the water or is it in-breeding?
Some birth defect that makes them so mean?
Is it passed down from one generation to the next?
An ever-downward spiral or is it just Tourette's?
They really don't like anyone who's different
And God forbid they should have a strange accent
Or even worse, an individual dress sense

How dare you be different from me!
You can't be different from me!
You can't be different!
You can't be different!
You can't be different from me!


Yaah - What are ya?
Track Name: So How's Your House?
You asked me about my home
And if I'm in or out
My life is upside down
But that's not what you wanted to know

You asked me about my home
As if you really care
You're just like those rubberneckers
Who come around to stare

You asked me about my house
You don't want to hear about me
All the sleepless nights
The bureaucrats who won't let me be

So what about my home?
You pause to sip your wine
Your hors d'oeuvre in your hand
A ramrod up your spine

So what about my home?
What do you want me to say?
Are you expecting tears?
Or a four-act play?

So what about my house?
Is this your amusement today?
Funny how a little bit of suffering
Goes such a long way

Yeah what about my home?
What in Hell do you want me to say?
Like I'm here for your entertainment
While my property goes down the drain

So don't ask me about my house
I'm not your newspaper today
You don't care about my life
Or my problems that won't go away

But one day it may happen to you
And I'll turn with a smirk on my face
"Hey, tell me about your home...
How's it going at your place?"
Track Name: Cfor's Gone
You don't come around here
Since the hillside fell down
No scratching at my door
No more calling out in the dark
You were my one true friend
In this god-damned town
You always made me smile
It was good to have you around

Now no one comes around here
Even the spiders have run away
Now I'm all alone
Why do I keep hanging on?
We used to chase and play
All over the house
You were a ray of sunshine
Now there's no light here at all

For months I left your bowl out
Empty on the kitchen floor
There was still some chance
Now there's no chance left at all

I really miss you my friend
It's so sad you're not around
All our good times have ended
Life seems hollow without you

I don't know if you're living now
Or buried underground
I don't know if you died
Or if you just left town
Your owners cleared out
I hope they took you away
I hope you're doing well
And that you've got some room to play

You need some trees to climb
Long grass to hide behind
A sunny spot to lie in
And some shade in the heat of day
I wonder where you are now
If you're in a nice safe place
I hope you're faring well
No matter where you may have gone

Gone away, gone away,
Gone away, gone away

Now I'm all by myself
Stuck with this god-damned house
And they're closing in on me
They're coming now
Coming to shut me down
They're coming to take me away

Gone away, gone away,
Track Name: Tạm biệt
What a strange situation
It doesn't seem true
A wild confabulation
I'm not sure what to do
It's a weird position; an odd circumstance'
They're gunning for me; they won't give me a chance
It looks like they want to cut me down
It's high time I left this town!

They're so precious
In their cosy little world
They don't like strangers
Picking flaws in their pearl
I'm wasting my time here; I need to get out
Before this mess turns into a rout
Better to leave their nonsense behind
Than end up tangled in their bind!

Get off their radar
Before they shoot you down
You'd be much safer
If you just weren't around
It's a big world; there's no turning back
Now's the time to sidestep their trap
There's a better place waiting for me
Now's the right time to leave!

Anywhere's better than here I know
What about Oporto or Rio de Janeiro?
Danang, Panang or Kalimantan
Lisbon, Brisbane or Washington (that's State, not D.C.)
What about Surabaya, Ibiza or even Hong Kong?
Or better yet, what about Saigon?
Sipping cocktails at the Continental Hotel
That's the way I want to go!
Tạm biệt! Hy vọng sớm gặp lại!
Tạm biệt! Hy vọng sớm gặp lại!
Tạm biệt!
Track Name: Stealing The Jesus
I saw the handless Jesus
He was looking me right in the eyes
Pleading not to forsake him
By leaving in that store to die
Beside that chipped veneer hi-fi

I stopped before his commanding gaze
Fingers trembling as I reached out
My mind was in a mental haze
Half expecting the clerk to shout out
Waiting for her to sound the alarm

I stole the handless Jesus
His porcelain body felt cold to my touch
My fingers ran over his faded veneer
Cracked and crazed - it was all too much'
Chipped and cracked - all too much

I was shaking as I placed him in my pocket
The charity store lady's eyes popped out of her sockets
Then I bolted for the door like a rocket
Rushing to my car.... so I could unlock it

The store lady chased me out the door
Screaming something about calling the law
I heard her calling for me to stop
As I fiddled with the keys in the lock
Forcing the key into the lock

The door swung open; I had to move fast
Keep the momentum and hope it would last
I flung the Jesus on the front seat
And slammed the door as she entered the street
I slammed it shut right behind me

I put my foot to the floor; she couldn't see me for dust
Screeching smoking tyres and my hand on the clutch
Pulling and tugging on the steering wheel
Rubber on the tarmac; hear the tread squeal

Jesus lay there on the front seat
Jolting around as I picked up speed
He lay on his back on the front seat
Staring at the sunroof as we zoomed down the street
His face getting warm as he laid in the heat