Haloed Cat

by Venetic ®

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A noise fest, involving a trip to Canada, among other places.


released December 1, 2006

(c) Wayne Stuart McCallum



all rights reserved


Venetic ® New Zealand

Since 2002, Venetic has independently released 8 albums with more on the way. Healed by the flames of purgatory, he is now back from the undead.

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Track Name: Celeste
Track Name: Down The Drive
The sun’s rays shine down on me
Warming my face
Birds sing overhead
Butterflies flit past
Trees sway gently in the breeze
A gecko crawls by
The cat trots alongside me
Trying to keep apace

Morning Glory’s all over the place
An inexorable tide
Wattles bend over the drive
It looks like an arcade
The nosy neighbour spies on me
She thinks I’m no good
I smile and bend down to pet the cat
And pay her no mind

Will there be bills or fees to pay?
A summons from the courts?
A pile of unwanted electoral guff?
Or some circulars for wrapping scraps?
Some plasticware or clothes catalogue?
A flyer for some crummy sale?
Or a letter from Reader’s Digest
Telling me to reply to them without fail?

Then when I look inside the box
There’s nothing there at all
I close the flap
Breathe a sigh of relief
And then I’m on my way

The sun shines down on me
Warming my face
Birds sing overhead
Butterflies flit past
Trees sway gently in the breeze
A gecko crawls by
The cat trots alongside me
Trying to keep apace
I feel the warmth shine down on me
As the drive turns to a road
I’m out the gate
I’m on my way
Free of burdens
Free of loads
(repeat from “The sun shines…)
Track Name: Toronto Vice
She staggers down Queen Street
With the look in her eyes
Of a fawn caught in the headlights
Offering herself to every man
In her path
Something about it just don’t look right

Watch out!
Coz they’ve got a quota
Watch out!
Coz they’ve got to score
Watch out!
Coz they’re up for a promotion
And it ain’t the luck of the draw

Men turn away and
Swerve to avoid her
None of them want to know
It’s as plain as day
She’s no crazy or hooker
Or some crack addict looking to score


Further up the road
Oh what a surprise
There’s a man in an unmarked car
Watching and waiting
To give the word
As she closes in on her mark

Track Name: Vancouver In The Rain
Steel girders push back the sky
The suits move out of the way
They turn and avert their gaze
Hope it won’t be them some day

And the rain comes (keeps) tumbling down
It pours down on my face
The rain keeps falling (tumbling) down

Gastown’s changing its face
But it can’t decide which way to go
Soup kitchens, whores and drugs?
Or haute cuisine for wealthy so and so’s?


On Granville Street I watch cars
Look in pawn shop windows and bars
There’s no service there for me
Not a hope without cash or ID
“You can’t come in here - move on!
No point in looking all forlorn
Time to get up and be gone
Come on pal - move along!”

Kitsilano’s a bustling place
Little boutiques line the road
Since the sixties it’s changed its face
Where did all the hippies go?


Have you got some change?
Hey buddy have you got some change?
Hey buddy how about some change?
Buddy have you got some change?
Please can you give me some change?
I wanna coffee - how about some change?
Yeah how about some change?
How ‘bout it - how about some change?
Say can you gimme some change?
Just a bit of change
Yeah a bit of change
I wanna bit of change!
Just a bit of change!
I want change!
I want some change!
Hey you!
How ‘bout some change motherfucker!
Gimme some fuckin’ change!
I want some fuckin’ change!
Gimme some money you prick!
Track Name: Rue St-Denis (Montréal)
On Rue St-Denis the cars all zoom by
Beggars jingle cups and stare you in the eye
On Rue St-Denis the women’s heels are high
Sex on legs and they do it all with style

On Rue St-Denis the shops have bright signs
Neon and exotic names to keep up with the times
Shoppers hurry to go and give the goods a try
Slap it on the card - don’t worry if the price is high
Women dress in black and wear dark glasses
Men look at them and wanna make passes
There’s a lot of tension and furtive glances

On Rue St-Denis you can walk for miles
The sun shines bright and people crack smiles
On Rue St-Denis the traffic flies by
On Rue St-Denis you hope it’ll never end!
Track Name: Prairie Rednecks Come To Town
They roam around like beasts in a zoo
Looking for liquor, looking for a screw
Stumble about and shout in the dark
Make a big racket - it’s nothing but a lark
The booze makes ‘em mad, the pills drive ‘em insane
They just wanna get off, and shut down their brains
Cause a ruckus, start a great fight
It makes ‘em feel big, it makes ‘em feel alright

When you know you’re gonna go out on the town
Don’t let it bring you down
When you face some clowns
They try to screw you up, try and muck you around
Or just run you down
As they drive around

They deaden their senses, muffle their minds
Or even drink turps and hope they’ll go blind
Sniff meths or inhale glue
Stuff up their brains for want of things to do
Stand in the street or on train tracks
Waiting for an impact or someone to react
Scream and complain and howl at the moon
Some even get lucky and get a good screw
Groping around like lepers in the dark
Trying to control their errant body parts
They wake up in the morning and wonder what they’ve done
Who the hell that was and whether they’ve come

When you got out you’d better watch out!
They’re wild!
They’re driving around
(Hey you!)
Cruising the streets
(Yeah you buddy!)
With their windows down
(You like hockey?)
They’re looking for you!
(You know what you could be?
The puck!)

It really doesn’t matter much what they say
Just get out of their way! (x8)
Track Name: It Keeps On Coming Back
You can chop it
You can slice it
You can beat it
You can dice it
But it keeps on coming back
You can thrash it
You can hack it
You can bash it
You can smack it
But it keeps on coming back

It keeps on coming back
It keeps on coming back
It keeps on coming back
It keeps on coming back

You can kick it
You can shove it
You can drop it
You can heave it
But it keeps on coming back
You can slap it
You can cheat it
Even whack it
Try and trap it
But it keeps on coming back


It’s a curse
Even worse
Than the feeling
When you’re hurting
And it keeps on coming back
They’re all lying
It’s appalling
When they’ve sworn
It has no meaning
And it keeps on coming back

Track Name: I Got Myself Through
There’s always some cretin saying what to do
Get with the programme and stick with the crew
Buttoned-down collars and repressed emotions
Keep your thoughts quiet as you go through the motions
They say you’ve got to do it even though you know you don’t
Leave your brain at the door and abandon all hope

I’ve got myself through some changes
I’ve got myself through some trying times
I’ve got myself through some changes
Even though I thought I’d lose my mind

You’re the breadwinner and the head of the home
Surrounded by people yet you’re all alone
Run around all day and wear yourself out
You’ve got zero authority and very little clout
Bearing their cross is nothing but a bind
Drop it and go - leave it behind

Track Name: Walking On Brains
Get a face job, tattoo your arse
Get a gold card and fly first class
Smirk from your Beemer as you cruise by
Step on people and crush their careers
Leave them helpless and living in fear
Smile blandly as you kick them in the face
Run your life like a survival game
No room for losers; they’re down the drain
Watch them scream as they go gurgling down

Get a kick from the power and the glory
A sense of purpose from your belief
You know you’re on the right path
All around you hatred’s burning
Pig ignorance rules supreme
An endless loop - it’s your bad dream

Smash your head against the wall
Break your teeth as you stagger and fall
Try and laugh and grimace as you bleed
Bend over and bite down hard
Beg for mercy as she flogs you too hard
It’s so hard to get some sort of relief
Kneel down prostrate for God
Beg absolution for emotional fraud
Keel as the weight of your sins pins you down

Your mind’s twisting and turning
You’ll never feel at ease
You’ve gotta break loose right now
All around hatred’s burning
Pig ignorance rules supreme
A never-ending loop in your bad dream

When you’re up there, flying high
Don’t scream for help or bother crying
If ever you fall and go tumbling down
Coz way up there at the top
Coming down it’s a very long drop
There’ll be no one to catch you if you fall
And as you’re hurtling in the slipstream
Your face contorts like a bug on a screen
Your arms reach out for some sort of handhold
All those lies you told in the past
All the victims you left in your path
All the suicides and emotional wrecks
You gasp for air, your heart beats loud
You hear your pulse as you scream for help
But it’s too late - you know you’re on your own
You’re on your own (etc.)
Track Name: Lost In The Middle Of The Night
Something awakes you
You don’t know what it is
But now you’re awake
In the middle of the night
And you can’t get back to sleep

She’s asleep
Asleep like a log
And it’s driving you mad
Sooo mad
Sooo mad
Sooo mad
You don’t know what to do
Lying there on your back
Pinned to the bed
Feeling… helpless
Stretched out in the dark
With your thoughts
Rolling around in your head
Like marbles in a bowl

You get up and go and get some milk
And stare at the light in the fridge
Stare at the milk in the fridge
And the rotting veges and the mouldy cheese
Then you close the fridge
And wonder what the hell you’re doing there
It’s not even your house any more
It’s not your home any more
There’s nothing of yours any more
She’s put fucking doilies up on the wall
And you’re looking at them and you’re thinking “shit!”

There’s got to be something better - better than this
Tunnel vision life
Society’s expectations on your shoulders
And that incessant little voice:
“You’ve gotta do this
You’ve gotta do that
You need to look good
You can’t think that
No you can’t think that…
At all”

You slam down the glass
And climb back into bed
And look back at the ceiling
There’s not much you can do (x4)
There’s no one you can turn to
No one to talk to
No one to speak to
No one to ask
Whatcha going to do?
No one (x8)
Track Name: Ottawa Café Song
As I sit in the café watching the snow
I feel my anger grow
At your latest show
You always speak your mind
You think I move too slow
Well I need you to know
I want you to go

Why don’t you just go?
I want you to go
Why don’t you just go?
Why don’t you just go?
I want you to go
Why don’t you just go?

You know I’m better off if you leave me alone
Than have you putting me down
Slag me off around town
You always build me up just to knock me down
And now my face is a frown
You’d best get out of town

Why don’t you just go?
Grow old on your own?
I want you to go
Why don’t you just go?
Why don’t you just go?
Moulder all alone
I want you to go
I need you to go

So go and find yourself your perfect man
The optimal catch
The man of your dreams
But I wonder just how long he’ll put up with you
And what you do
Before he turns around and screams:

I want you to go
Why don’t you just go?
I want you to go
I need you to go
I want you to go
Why don’t you just go?
I need you to go
I want you to go
I want you to go
I need you to go
Why don’t you just go?
I want you to go
I want you to go
Grow old on your own
I want you to go
I need you to go
Track Name: No If's, But's Or Maybe's
Her mind turns circles
Stuck in four walls
She watches the clock
Waits for his call
Solitude squeezes her
In its grasp
She thinks of her parents
Of things in the past
Sympathy and suffering
Her stock in trade
Make her feel righteous
But she can’t get away

There’s no if’s, but’s or maybe’s
No time for happenstance
No perhaps or possibilities
You don’t get second chances
You’d better have a firm hand
No time for remonstrances
Don’t lose your opportunity
Don’t steal backward glances

She feels so helpless
So ill at ease
Stuck in a marriage
With a two-faced sleaze
Lost in fantasies
Spends days asleep
Can’t believe this is
How it’s gonna be
She can’t face him
Say how she feels
Her only hope is
He’ll give up and leave


She waits at bedtime
He soon falls asleep
All worn out
After a long week
She watches his stomach
Rise and fall
A stroke of her knife’ll
Soon end it all
Three strokes later
She’s not had enough
She pulls back the sheets
There’s still one thing to cut