Scorched Earth Days

by Venetic ®



A return from the brink - Venetic's 7th album and his most searing to date.


released December 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Venetic ® New Zealand

Since 2002, Venetic has independently released 8 albums with more on the way. Healed by the flames of purgatory, he is now back from the undead.

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Track Name: Floating Away
Late one night, it came in my dreams
A premonition of my very last scene
The very last moments, the end of my life
The culmination of my struggles and strife
A body in the final stage of siege
With death at the gates and no sign of relief

I was floating away, floating away
Floating, floating, floating away

When the morphine takes hold, reality fades
As the nurse smoothes my path on the way to my grave
Everything’s easy, it’s all a breeze
My mind is tranquil, my body’s at ease

I’m floating away, floating away
Completely calm as I shuffle away
I’m floating away, floating away
Floating, floating, floating away

It’ll test my faith, or lack thereof
I’ll see how beliefs hold when push comes to shove
Will I be shocked, surprised or dismayed
When I enter that light shining my way?

As I’m floating away, floating away
Will I be shocked, surprised or dismayed?
As I’m floating away, floating away
Floating, floating, floating away

Will there be angels floating down from above?
Or a gaggle of harpies while a demon beats a drum?
Will I see Krishna, Buddha or Christ?
Or see my way barred to the afterlife?
Will the end simply be a big dark hole
Where they bury my body and forget about my soul?

Floating away, floating away
Floating, floating, floating away
Yeah I’m floating away etc.
Track Name: Farewell Al
Now there’s a place if you want to go out
Something to do in this dead-end town
It’s alright if you want to hang out
It’ll lift you up if you’re feeling down
Lift your emotions and you’ll feel alright
Forget all your hassles as you go inside

I’m heading downtown, I know where to go
Past all the Trevs at the tacky sports bars
Past the bleached blondes and their big boyfriends
Right past the jailbait and the petrolheads
Leave ‘em behind as you go up the stairs
Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares

It’ll run on until the early hours
While the bogans cruise around and round
There’ll be music and crazy sounds
And no one cares because it’s dead downtown
How can we be disturbing the peace
When there’s no one even living in the nearby streets?

I know the world never stays the same
The only constants are loneliness and pain
We’ll always be trapped in our boxes
Unless someone comes and opens the locks up
You had the key and opened doors for others
But somehow you couldn’t open your own
All that concern and care for others
So why did you have to die alone?
I feel like I was just getting to know you
So why did you have to die alone?
They had to come and break your door down
Why did you have to die alone?
Track Name: The Heckler
When he walked in the door he didn’t want to pay
Said he was a regular, said there was no way
He’d pay for some jerk he didn’t want to hear
When all that he’d come for was a cold beer

He leaned against the bar he’d propped up for years
Loudly broke wind and started scraping his chair
Voiced his opinion so everyone could hear
Said the music was rubbish and started to jeer

Then he decided it wasn’t enough
To stand at the bar shouting and acting all tough
So he staggered as he made his way down to the front
Tripping and cursing coz he was blind drunk

Faced with his heckling I started to swear
Then he sprayed beer and he got me all wet
He was standing so smug at all he had said
Till I swung my guitar and it broke on his head
Track Name: Pizza Joint
It’s somewhere in California. I am sitting waiting – waiting for my order in a pizza joint. The place has an old style look about it – black and white checkered tiling on the floors, clinical white walls and big glass windows stretching from floor to ceiling. They let the late afternoon sun stream in.
It’s a popular place. I am one of a dozen people, all seated, and waiting for the girl behind the counter to yell out their number. Half-hearted laughter comes from near the counter. A young guy has made some sort of joke and suddenly stands up.
He is sandy-haired and tanned, and wears faded jeans and a short denim jacket over a green tee-shirt. He is also skinny and stunted – the sort of kid who got bullied in school, although that experience must be a few years behind him now. Or perhaps not…
I am the first to notice the pistol he pulls from his jacket pocket – a snub-nosed Beretta, with the safety catch off. Within a second or two, others have noticed it too.

He doesn’t look back as he turns to walk towards the entrance. He’s coming my way, as I am seated next to the door.
There’s an expression of intent on his face: a man with something on his mind. He’s looking forward but not at anything in particular, like the scene is just some giant blur he can’t focus on. He walks with a slouch, one hand still in his jacket pocket. The jacket’s out of place. No one else in the room is wearing one, except me.
He swivels his free hand, the one holding the gun, as he walks in a long curved trajectory towards the door. His arm swings up to level the gun and, for a moment, it’s pointed at a woman sitting beside me, but then, abruptly, it shifts and is pointing at me.
He approaches with the gun aimed straight at me, his face on automatic, no emotion showing. No words are uttered as he closes in. He is not looking at me – he is gazing beyond me, through the wall I am leaning against, and off into infinity.
There’s no time for escape, no room for manoeuvre, no possibility of fighting back.
Then he pulls the trigger and the sound engulfs me.
Track Name: In The Slipstream
My unease is growing
My fears are on the rise
The altitude’s increasing
The plane is soaring high
My heart is in my mouth
I think I’m gonna die

It’s twelve hours of flying
But I’m on my way
To the Land of Freedom
That’s what they say
I’ll be stamped and processed
Treated like a crim
They’ll make me sign my rights away
It’s gonna be grim

I’m thinking about the dollar
How long’s it gonna last?
Will it slide down slow
Or come crashing down fast?

Do you ever wonder
About the scheme of things?
About your tattered empire
And its tarnished dreams?
Just how long do you think it’ll last?

The plane lurches sideways
It’s a bumpy flight
Here we go again
It’s gonna be a sleepless night
Sitting here watching
Yet another awful film
While everything around me
Feels like a dream

My thoughts meander
My brain has lost the plot
It’s getting hard to think
My head’s a vacant lot
You say you’ll never leave
You say you’ll always care
You’ll always be there for me
Even when I’m not there

You are my country
You are my land
You mean more to me
Than some bloody flag
And I wouldn’t do this
For anyone else
Track Name: Prune Juice
They stole your name and wrote you off
Treated you like crap and called you dross
Kicked you out of the studio
Left you with nowhere else to go
Treated you like a bunch of has-beens
Corporate thinking that left you screaming
And when push comes to shove
What’s a band with any self-respect to do?

Long years spent in the wilderness
Working in day jobs; wives and kids
Wondering about what might have been
If you’d really made it in that scene
Watching all the fads come and go
Staring at the TV entertainment shows
You know you had it in you
You could have cracked it and made it too

Sometimes things aren’t what they seem
You can go astray chasing a dream
Sometimes it makes you lose all hope
You feel like a loser and look like a dope
People don’t know what you’re going through
They don’t realise about the corporate ruse
But although your dream turned to dust
Four decades later you’re back with a vengeance!
Track Name: County Fair Day
When the flat house has been shuttered
And the hanky pank’s awnings are drawn down
The alibi joints are all packed up
And the midway looks like a ghost town
The double sawbucks have been counted
And the quarters have been accounted for
The lot lice are home snoring
And the last suckers have been bled raw
The plush’s been stowed away in trailers
Along with the slum that got away
While the plum prizes sit unclaimed
Some still boxed – others on display

That’s when the flatties cut up jackpots
Cutting in and bragging as they speak
They laugh about the fat man at the cat rack
And all the suckers craning in for a peek
About how they duped them at the colour game
How they’ve patched up the cops through till next week
They rate the ride boys and the outside men
But the fluky ball guy’s a creep

So the townies can hold on to their frozen hotdogs
And try and keep their popcorn down
While their girls clutch their two-bit teddies
As the barf rides spin around and round
In the fun park they’re all easy marks
Sitting little ducks all in a row
And when it comes to vying for the flash
They’ll go home with nothing to show

Step up! Step up! Step up! Step up!
Everyone’s a winner!
Only five bucks a try
Come on sir – how about you?
Win your girl a prize!
Come on – you know you want to try
Step right inside!
Ladies and gentlemen, right this way!
Don’t delay; it’s today – your very lucky day!
You sir – you look like a winner to me!
How about a free try?
No obligations – totally free!
See how easy that was?
Track Name: Cat's Farewell
When you leave me
I get depressed
When you go away
I’m a real mess

Why do you have to fly today?
What does it matter anyway?
Nothing good will come of it
It won’t help me one little bit
Save me the trouble and strife
Stay here for a few more nights

Can’t you stay
One more day?
Can’t you see
What you do when you leave?

There’s got to be a better way
Everything seems so vague
I can’t stand it any more
Watching you walk out that door
Why can’t you just stay here
Why can’t things be more clear?

Can’t you see
What you’re doing to me
Each time you leave
Starts a new bout of grief

I’ll be waiting here for you
I’ll be loyal and true
I’ll guard the house for you
Don’t forget me whatever you do
I’ll be here rain and shine
No need to worry, I’ll be fine
I can live off the land
Scavenge for mice, do the best I can

So don’t you forget
All my regrets
I’ll be here
Guarding the fort
Till you return
Track Name: Song For You
The first time I saw you there in that room
You turned and smiled at me
I was there by my own, wasn’t sure what to do
So I asked if the seat was free

Where does your sunshine come from
When all I ever get is continual rain?
Where does your happiness come from
When all I ever have is pain?

We’ll always have memories, whatever we do
Of that you can be sure
All those places that we went to
With the world as our open door

With half a world between us
How was it ever going to work?
All those uncertainties and complications
Left me running round and round like a jerk

All I ever wanted was for us to be free
Happy and secure
You want a life of struggle and strife
That’s not the way for me

I just wanted to be happy
To spend the rest of my life with you
A partnership without complications
Why’d you have to make me choose?
Where was it going to get us
Going down that broken, well-worn path?
How was I going to manage
Did you ever stop to think that one out?
Life is more than a script
It’s more than just simple biology
It’s more than some ticking clock
And the dictates of society
Love is not an ultimatum
You don’t just stomp your foot and get what you want
All the best for next time around
But it ain’t gonna be with me
Track Name: Going To The Sky
As I go through life, pondering its mysteries
Nothing really seems clear
My head swims round and round in circles
My hopes vanish into thin air
I grasp left and right and stagger sideways
Looking for truth, looking for hope
Looking blindly for reason
There never seems to be any
Just lies
Fake hopes
False dreams
And despair
Never mind – I keep going
I hold firm to my dreams
I follow my course
And fuck the rest

I don’t know where I’m going or where I’m bound

And on my path
I meet people
People who laugh and condescend
No, I don’t value your money
I don’t care for your politics
I shit on your morality
And don’t even get me talking about your church
I don’t really care what you think
Your lives are worth nothing
You’re walking clichés
I hope I’ll never be like you

I don’t know where I’m going or where I’m bound

So what’s the answer? Well I don’t fucking know
What’s the point? I don’t know that either
What’s it all about? I haven’t got a clue
I’m just gonna do what I wanna do
Because you can’t tell me what’s right and what’s wrong
In a world that’s gone mad, that’s gone all haywire
Where nothing works, and nothing makes sense
Where we’re ruled by crooks and villains and thieves

I don’t know where I’m going or where I’m bound
Track Name: Finale