Single Številka 3

by Venetic ®



(C) (P) W.S. McCallum


released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Venetic ® New Zealand

Since 2002, Venetic has independently released 8 albums with more on the way. Healed by the flames of purgatory, he is now back from the undead.

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Track Name: Kukavica - The Cuckoo
Kukavica - The Cuckoo

Zakaj ti govoriš v angleščini
Pa ti stanuješ v Sloveniji?
Why are you speaking English at me
When in fact you are Slovene?

Kukavica v gnezdu - Cuckoo in the nest!
Kukavica v gnezdu - Cuckoo in the nest!
Kukavica v gnezdu - Cuckoo in the nest!
Kukavica v gnezdu - Cuckoo in the nest!

Zakaj ti hočeš moje ime?
To ni nobeno nasilje!
So why is it that you want my name?
I really don't think it'll pave your way!


Kako se počutiš, mali tat?
Dobro ali slabo? To je sramen akt!
Ne bom pasiven, malenkosten brat
In nisem molčeč, tajen tat!
So how are you feeling, you thieving brat?
I don't care much for your sneaky crap!
I won't be passive; there's no need for tact
You'll have to face the fact you've met your match!


Sedaj vidimo kdo je kdo
In ne se pogovarjam sam s sabo
It's good we get to see just what is what
Just who is who and who is not


Track Name: Sence

The fun and games are over.
Now my game will begin: the game of shadows
Come in - come into my kingdom!
But you thought that you were the king?
No - I am the master here; you are just a novice

Your big problem is that I was here first
Not you - me
You can't handle the truth, but that is a fact
Yet this situation is the consequence of your actions

Now you have a shadow
And you will always live in my shadow
That is your paradox

Now, both of us are in a theatre of shadows
This is a shadow play; a game of light and shade
And I am the master of the game

Translation from Slovenian (c) W.S. McCallum 1 October 2016