Still Here

by Venetic ®



Venetic pushes back the boundaries with automation, loops and other aural trickery.


released April 30, 2005

(c) Wayne Stuart McCallum



all rights reserved


Venetic ® New Zealand

Since 2002, Venetic has independently released 8 albums with more on the way. Healed by the flames of purgatory, he is now back from the undead.

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Track Name: Gainful Employment
I used to wonder what to do with myself
I sat around all day
I used to wonder what to do with myself
Then I found my way
Well I’m tellin’ ya
You know it’s gotta be
You know it’s gotta be my lucky day
‘Cause I found it
That thing you’ve gotta have
That thing that’s gonna be your saving grace

Every morning I jump out of bed
Then I kneel down and pray
Every morning I shit, shower and shave
Then I’m off on my way
‘Cause I found it
The cure-all for my ills
The very thing you know you’ve gotta have
Yeah I’ve found it
The solution for my sins
The pathway to my allotted place

I’m a man who breaks bones for thrills
I’ll tape electrodes to your balls
I’m a man who fights for a cause
Someone who smiles when he kills
Now don’t go crazy
You just keep your cool
Don’t think you’ll take me for a fool
‘Cause I’ll break you
Hotwire your brain
Then I’ll make you scream in pain

I might be in Basra or Guantanamo Bay
Don’t try and fight us or you’ll rue the day
Me and my pals came to stay
So now it’s our turn
Our time has come
A world that’s red white and blue
And our reign’s eternal
God made it that way
He understands what we do
Track Name: It's Time
You think you’re in control
I wonder where you’re going

Out there in the cold
There’s no comfort zone

They say you’re much too old
Or is it you’re too young

Maybe it’s surreal
Maybe it’s not worth knowing

And for those who’re in the know
Now’s it’s time to go
Track Name: Motor Mower Man
The engine’s running forms a constant drone
His only friend when he feels alone
Sense of purpose comes from the whirring blades
With his mower, he don’t feel afraid!

Motor mower!
Motor mower man!
(x 4)

Loves his Masport hat, the grease off the oil can
Grass stains on his gloved hand
Engine’s roar and hum, the glide and the drive
Make him feel good to be alive!


When nightfall comes, he’s got a master plan
He tiptoes past all your garbage cans
Sizes up your shed there for size
He’s got just one thing on his mind!


It might be second-hand or even worth several grand
But selling’s not part of his master plan
There’s only one thing you need to understand
As long as it cuts grass, he’s a happy man!


They can lock him up, throw him in the can
Tell his wife he’s not a normal man
They can tell his mother or even the whole clan
He don’t care – he’s the motor mower man!
When he gets out, he won’t care he’s alone
He’s got a two-stroke as his metronome!

Track Name: That's Just The Way Of Things
Jim always does his best to keep his cool
Tells himself that he’s nobody’s fool
Nothing’s ever gonna go and get him down
When he’s out in his wheels, cruising around
They went to once a month instead of once a week
Now these days they don’t even speak
He can’t see how to get her out of his face
All he wants is some breathing space

That’s just the way of things
That’s how it goes
It’s just the way that things happen
It’s just the way of things
That’s how it goes
It’s just the way that things happen

Pam keeps on hiding behind a screen
Can’t work out why people treat her mean
Nothing ever seems to be in its place
Things never fit, they always grate
Then to show she no longer cared
She went out and cut off all her hair
Now they can’t see the fear in her face
She won’t feel out of place


Stan didn’t buy into the corporate dream
Double mortgage, some insurance scheme
Ambitious robots with tiled floors
It’s never enough – they’ve gotta have more
They wrap their lives just like frozen food
Throw things out when they’ve got no use
Stan’s greatest fear for the human race
Was they’d go forth and fuck up outer space

Track Name: Turn It Around
Skipping and a-jumping
Round and round
Your heart skips a beat
When you hear that sound
The bell rules your life
The clock rules your day
You’re told what to do
What to think and say
Conveyor belt knowledge
For conveyor belt minds
No time for thoughts of freedom
If you want to survive

Can you loop the loop?
Do the vertical dive?
You’ll never get out
Of that dungeon alive
Can you speed and crash
All in one night?
Breaking all the limits
It’s a buzz, it’s a fright
Have you got the right clothes
And shoes on your feet?
Better get off the streets
If you can’t take the heat

All the boys ‘n’ girls
Have got to study real hard
Got to do their work right
If they want to get a job
All the boys ‘n’ girls
Have got to grow up fast
With their eyes on the future
Don’t care about the past
Spend their lives spinning
The same old dance
Look out for number one
Take the main chance

Some day they’ll come
and take your life away
Two point five kids
And a mortgage to pay
A shitty little job
And a gingernut a day
So you’d better rebel
Some time in your life
Before you get commitments
Before you get a wife
Go and raise your colours
Fly your flag high
Storm your Bastille
Have your Fourth of July

Don’t consume their goods
They’ll consume your mind
Not the best of trades
I think you’ll find
You don’t need their rules
You can make your own
Unless you want to end up
Living like a clone
Don’t accept the status quo
You’re on shaky ground
Stand it on its head!
Turn it around!
Stand it on its head!
Turn it around!
Track Name: Coming Up For ...?!?
I don’t believe it
What I’m seeing
You flit around like a moth caught in the light
Something just ain’t right

Can’t you see it?
What you’re doing?
You go through flesh like an anti-personnel mine
As if it’s your design

What’s it proving?
All of your screwing?
You’re putting out like it’s going out of style
I’d sooner run a mile

Don’t you go worrying about it
Everything’s gonna be alright
Coming up for air’ll do you wonders
It’ll be out of sight!

When you’re screaming
At some jerk you’re seeing
Don’t you even wonder if he’s got a brain?
He’s nothing but a pain

So when you’re needing
Someone to be with
Are you gonna stop and remember me?
I used to make you tea


Then when you see it
You may not believe it
It’ll be like eyesight for the blind
Once you free your mind

So if you’re needing
Someone to be with
All you’ve got to do is go and drop me a line
It’ll be just fine
It’ll be just fine
It’ll be just fine
It’ll be just fine
It’ll be just fine
It’ll be just fine
Track Name: Crazy
You’ve got me going out of my mind
I’m crazy
My brain is numb and my vision’s gone
All hazy
I don’t know what I’m gonna do
Now you’ve gone and turned
me crazy
I reckon I might just flip out
now baby

You don’t know what you’ve got me doing
I don’t know what I’m gonna say
There ain’t no telling who I’ll freak out

Once she said she’d be my bride
Was gonna live with me throughout my life
I thought everything would be alright for me
Now I don’t know what to think or even say
After everything she’s done
Nothing seems to go my way
She drives me up the wall and down the other side
Then round the bend and out the door
There’s nowhere left to hide


You’ve got me going out of my mind
I’m crazy
If I were you I wouldn’t get to smug
Or lazy
You don’t know what I’m gonna do
Now I’ve flipped out and
turned crazy
Gotta go now baby
And scare the neighbours
No I don’t mean maybe
I’m really crazy
Absolutely crazy
Track Name: Building Rot Blues
They used to turn up late
And trample dirt in your home

They painted over the cracks
But it still shows through

You want a rustic look
Now the walls are mildewed

The hall’s all smelly and dank
But whatcha gonna do?

The building code’s a joke!
You’ve gone to wrack and ruin!

You wanna take it to court!
Except the costs are obscene!

You want to clean them out!
But they declared bankruptcy!

Now you’re down and out!
With nothing left to lose!

Better get your gun!
And cure your building rot blues!
Track Name: Out On The Tiles
You’re off every evening
Going out to play
You run around all over the place
With your little games
Is it any wonder
I get that look in my eye?
You think you’ve got me under control
It’s pie in the sky

I’m telling you now
That ain’t no way to go on
Cut your fussing and fighting
You know you’re doing me wrong
You know know know know etc.

When you go crazy
Things I can’t describe
You cut loose and you’re rolling around
Like you’ve lost your mind
With you there’s no arguing
You’ve got to get your way
Now you know you’ve got me
You’re gonna make me pay


You think I don’t see through you
Each and every day
You’re so transparent
In what you do and say
No matter what you try
It’s not gonna last
You can’t walk on water
You can’t tread on glass

It ain’t gonna last etc.

Track Name: Conformità
Tu sei troppo giovane troppo vecchio troppo sfacciato
troppo timido troppo smargiasso troppo peloso
troppo pallido e troppo magro troppo volgare
troppo snob troppo semplice troppo felice

Si, sei troppo alto troppo grasso troppo caldo
e troppo basso troppo raffinato troppo ottuso
troppo antiquato maleducato

Troppo alcolico ottimistico
troppo simpatico antipatico
troppo prudente irriverente
troppo scadente indipendente

Troppo freddo troppo caldo troppo pignolo
e troppo sciatto troppo realista
troppo di sinistra troppo marginale
intollerante troppo credulone
conservatore troppo terra terra
e troppo tardi

Tu sei troppo concreto troppo astratto
troppo europeo e troppo drogato
troppo centrale troppo rurale
troppo insicuro troppo ingenuo
troppo isolato irresoluto
troppo presto troppo ristretto
troppo giovane troppo vecchio
troppo sfacciato troppo timido
troppo smargiasso troppo peloso
troppo pallido e troppo magro
troppo volgare troppo snob
troppo semplice troppo felice
Track Name: Sans Moi
Je pars
Mon cœur brisé
Je pars
Le mal-aimé
Je pars
Je m’en vais
Je pars

Qu’est-ce que tu fais ce soir ?
Qu’est-ce que tu fais sans moi ?
Dans un bar
Tu traînes sans moi
Quelque part
Track Name: Clessidra