Signs And Pointers

by Venetic ®

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Signs And Pointers offers a trip through the strange times we live in.


released February 1, 2009

(c) Wayne Stuart McCallum



all rights reserved


Venetic ® New Zealand

Since 2002, Venetic has independently released 8 albums with more on the way. Healed by the flames of purgatory, he is now back from the undead.

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Track Name: Into The Light
It’s a night that’s fatal
A time of dark storms
An eternity of slumberings
A restless sea of yawns
A moment for both the living and the dead
When logic lies lapsed
And fear gives way to dread

It’s a night of howling winds
And thunder in the dark
It’s not the best of times
For a wander in the park
Strange shadows flicker
And dance before the spire
The shadows grow longer and higher and higher

Solitude escapes you
Terror’s on the prowl
It stalks your uncertainties
Listen to it howl
You get the foreboding
It’s never going to leave
You’ll forget your freedoms and even how to grieve

Peace of mind’s a tricky thing
to keep at the best of times
Faith will lead to begging
Truth will make you blind
There are no certainties
In toeing a straight line
You can stay in darkness
or step towards daylight

Into the light etc.
Track Name: Quantitative Easing
Track Name: From Town To Town
Track Name: Hitching
Tattooed ex-bikies, a couple of nuns
A borstal escapee on the run
A real estate agent from Culverden
Police cadets from Wellington
A German couple seeking the sun
Two Seventh-Day Adventists out for some fun
Some libertarian waving his guns
Telling me about his freedoms

A creepy old Greek wanting a grope
And that spaced-out greenie who’d had too much dope
A manic Goth girl who’d lost all hope
An S&M freak with a very long rope
Some farmer heading for the bright lights
Two small-town bullies spoiling for a fight
A hunchback who gave me a hell of a fright
And a surveyor checking out mineral rights

It’s a funny old life when you’re out on the road
You never know quite which way you’re going
Or who might give you a ride

It’s a funny old life when you’re out on your own
You never know quite which way you’re going
Or who might want to hitch a ride
Track Name: Helicopter Ben
Track Name: The Night Owl
Three space cadets greet me at the door
Marilyn’s been drinking but she don’t care any more
I push past a zombie and his bride
Both of them smell of formaldehyde

My mouth is dry, my head is spinning
And round and round it goes
My senses are shaking
My brain is throbbing
It’s all I can do to watch the show!

Marie Antoinette’s entrance is well prepared
Her purple pompadour always draws some stares
Mr Crippen sits on the edge of the bath
Chatting with a gorilla who starts to laugh

My face is numb, my feet are unsteady
As I stumble around the room
I’ve got the shakes
I’m feeling giddy
I’ll be a casualty all too soon!

There’s an owl seated on a lampshade
While the pizza guy’s wondering why he’s not been paid
A giant slug slithers across my shoe
Leaving a trail of slime right across the room

My mouth is dry, my head is spinning
And round and round it goes
My senses are shaking
My brain is throbbing
It’s all I can do to watch the show!
Track Name: Down My Street
Mr Nosey Neighbour sometimes wears a kilt
When he snoops around he pushes it to the hilt
Creeping about where he doesn’t belong
He’s gonna have a mishap before too long
He lives with his granny – she’s a hundred and eight
She waves him off at the front gate
She’s lived in the same place since ’22
If you’re not local, she won’t trust you

Down my street
You’re in for a treat
Down my street
Fitting in’s quite a feat

At number 28, the wife is throwing plates
Her hubby came home a little too late
At number 42, they’re all sniffing glue
Destroying what few brain cells they’ve got left to lose
Number 36 is nothing but a mess
His wife left him when she saw him in a dress
At number 65 they’ve got shopping to do
At the five-finger discounter – what’s it to you?

Down my street
These are people you meet
Down on my street
Watch out when you speak

The local kids’ll steal anything not nailed down
They spray graffiti all over town
The local hard men like a drink or two
They smash up letterboxes, hurl abuse
The local petrolheads drive all around
Throwing bottles and acting the clown

Down my street
The people aren’t sweet
Down on my street
Mormons beat a retreat

Their lives are rules by a regular clock
They’re pretty much all reconciled to their lot
You’d better not question, you’d better not ask
They’ve got no time for some smartarse
But the funny thing is about the folk on my street:
They’re all convinced that I’m the freak!
Track Name: Black Cloud
So you’re raising your game?
For what? I wanna know
It’s all going down the drain
And Godot’s not gonna show
Something’ll come along
Something to make you strong
Well I don’t live in hope

A chill wind’s blowing the street
You’d better go and seal the door
What’s the point in battening hatches
When it blows up through the floor?
I reckon faith is blind
And the world’s unkind
Just thought I’d let you know

There’s a black cloud on its way
We’ve reached the end of the line
We’ve got nothing left to say
We’re just biding time

I’m coughing like a canary
Down in a mine
As it gasps it knows
It’s nearly out of time
It’s a state of siege
But you want to float around
Swimming in a sea of dreams

Your boat has long capsized
It’s sinking now
It’s going down to the fish below
Much farther down

There’s a black cloud on its way
We’ve reached the end of the line
There’s nothing left to say
We’re running out of time
We don’t know what to do
It just won’t go away
There must be some other way
Well I don’t know
I don’t know etc.
Track Name: It's Been A While
It’s been a while since we talked to each other
I don’t know what to say
For all your charm when you come on over
Your brain’s disengaged
Something tells me there’s something missing
I need to turn the page
Then you’re all curt and dismissive
It leaves me in a rage
La la la la la la la laah! (x2)

Tranquillity isn’t an ocean
Unless you’re out in space
You’re in a vacuum but you’ve got the notion
That something’s out of place
I asked the big guy to come on over
And offer me advice
He said he didn’t have time to help me
I’m not his type of guy
La la la la la la la laah! (x2)

Life’s an odyssey and a madhouse
Hopes go down the drain
Dodge the nonsense from cretins and androids
Don’t play their game
Discard their blandness and make your breakout
You’ve got to find a way
There’s no point in waiting there for handouts
Don’t waste another day
La la la la la la la laah! (x2)

La la la etc.
Track Name: The Union's On Your Side
In an age of no values
No shelter no friends
No rest or harbour
For the working man
Where women work streets
And children are slaves
Where the bosses’ll work you
Till you’re dead in your grave
If you want your freedom
You’ll need to fight
And you’ll need good help
As you push for your rights
Join together and stand there with pride
You’ve got the union on your side
Track Name: Am I Cool Enough?
Am I cool enough for you?
Do I get to have a say?
Am I cool enough for you?
Will you let me through your gate?
Am I cool enough for you?
Have we been introduced as friends?
Do I have what it takes
For you to let me in?

Am I hip enough for you?
Do I reference the right styles?
Do I make you happy?
Do I make you smile?
Am I hip enough for you?
I’ve only got one chance
There’s no grounds for appeal
It’s a one-shot deal

Am I cool enough for you?
Do I play things alright?
Do you like my voice?
Is it out of sight?
Do I play my instruments
With all the proficiency
Of a real musician?
Or don’t you care for me?

Am I cool enough for you?
Do I fall into your genre?
So what’s your verdict then
If it so pleases you, Your Honour?
Are all the hours I spent
Sufficiently recompensed
By your acknowledgement
- Was it really time well spent?
You may turn away
I might be your laughing stock
But when all’s said and done
I don’t give a flying fuck
So here’s one for you
Right in the eye
My upright middle finger
Pointed to the sky

It’s not all that important
Exactly what you think of me
You don’t hurt my feelings
It’s neither here nor there for me
You can keep your comments
‘Coz hot air’s usually cheap
Anyway I can’t hear you
Now I’m drifting so far out to sea