Single Številka 4

by Venetic ®



(C) (P) W.S. McCallum


released November 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Venetic ® New Zealand

Since 2002, Venetic has independently released 8 albums with more on the way. Healed by the flames of purgatory, he is now back from the undead.

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Track Name: Razglednice / Postcards

(New Zealander’s postcard:)
Hi Dad - Greetings from Slovenia!
It’s cold in Ljubljana, but it’s a pretty town
Everything’s old here, like stepping back in time
Today I saw people dressed in animal costumes, waving placards:
It was some sort of animal rights protest
Yet there have a burger chain here called “Hot Horse”
Yeah - horse burgers - go figure…
I saw a wierd street sign today too
It looked like a paedophile leading an innocent child
What was that about?
Oh, and they have rubbish bins shaped like frogs
Because frogs eat waste? Really?
I’m just back from the Slovenian Riviera
It’s only about 30 kilometres long
You can see the town where I stayed if you flip over the postcard:
It’s marked with an “X”
I’ll be coming home soon - bye for now!

(Slovenian’s postcard:)
Hello Mum - Greetings from New Zealand!
I am at the other end of the world!
I have come a long way, but where are the hobbits?
All I see in the streets are drunken hard cases
The quality of education here is very low
People don’t know anything about history, culture or languages
They only speak English
What struck me the most is how I have never seen such green colours before
The lifestyle is super (sunshine, sea, surfing), but living here does not appeal to me
In Auckland they have places like “neighbourhoods” in America,
Where I never saw a single white person
But that doesn’t make me a racist…
And Auckland is quite different as big cities go,
with everything spread outwards rather than upwards
The distances between the regions are huge,
And there are no motorways linking them
Best wishes!

Translation from Slovenian (c) W.S. McCallum 26 November 2016
Track Name: Low-Hanging Fruit
Low-Hanging Fruit

Low! Low! Low! (etc.)

It’s a low-hanging fruit
- low-hanging fruit
It’s a juicy fruit
- juicy fruit
It’s a shiny fruit
- shiny fruit
It’s a tempting fruit
- tempting fruit
It’s a plucked fruit
- plucked fruit
It’s a bitter fruit
- bitter fruit
It’s a poisoned fruit
- poisoned fruit

It’ll make you ill
It’ll bring you down
It’ll lay you low
It’ll kick you around

You’ll be ill (x4)

A low-hanging fruit is, by definition, something tempting
Something up for grabs
Something there for the taking

Yet you never know
Just what that fruit will bring

It might not have the taste you quite expected
And when you bite into it
You could be in for a surprise
There may be something inside there
Something stirring
Something moving
It might poke its head out
Poke its head out and stare at you
And give you pause for thought

And then that juicy tit-bit
That tempting bite
Starts turning your stomach
Round and round
Round and round
Round and round
Churning your stomach
Round and round
Round and round
Round and round

Translation from Slovenian (c) W.S. McCallum 26 November 2016